All samples must be sent to a lab designated by BVDFree.

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Antigen testing - resulting in individual animal results
Antibody testing - resulting in herd status from min-2017

*A herd status will be assigned after two years of testing for BVD under the scheme.

Virus = Antigen/PCR
(Ab) = Antibody

Please speak to your vet to discuss specific testing options for your herd.

Bulk Tank Milk Samples

In herds that are actively controlling BVD it is still recommended to use bulk milk antibody tests to monitor status where appropriate. However, due to the complexity of interpreting an antibody response in the presence of vaccine use and historic infection, the test is not included in the BVDFree testing choices. Bulk milk testing can still be a valuable tool to monitor status with careful veterinary interpretation on a case by case basis.