BVD Tag and Test Packages

All the tag suppliers below sell tag and test packages which use a BVDFree designated Laboratory.

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Tag Company Contact Details Laboratory Used Absorbing Upload Fee
Allflex Logo Website:
Phone: 0845 600 90 70
CIS *With a minimum order of 60 BVD tag and test packages (TST), Allflex are absorbing the 25p upload fee and will contribute an additional 20 BVD tag test packages to the customer$
Caisley Logo Website:
Phone: 01765 530296
Offer BVD Test "pay as you go" with a number of designated laboratories.

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Dalton Tags Logo Website:
Phone: 01636 700990
CIS *Price of 25p upload fee, to BVDFree database, absorbed by Dalton.
Nordic Star Logo Website:
Phone: 0800 731 9465
NML *Price of 25p upload fee, to BVDFree database, absorbed by Nordic Star and NML.
Datamars Agri UK Logo Website:
Phone: 02820 768 696
Roxan Logo Website:
Phone: 01750 724 110
Shearwell Logo Website:
Phone: 01643 841611
NML *Price of 25p upload fee, to BVDFree database, absorbed by Shearwell and NML.
Symtag Logo Website:
Phone: 01934 750410
Offer BVD tests on a ‘Pay as you go’ basis

NB: There is a 25p fee for uploading BVD Virus test results to the BVDFree database. The Tag suppliers denoted by * are absorbing this fee for the BVD tag and test packages they sell, meaning there is no additional cost to the farmer.

$The Allflex UK Group Ltd offer is as follows: When buying a minimum of 60 BVD Tissue Sample Tag (TST) packages, Allflex will absorb the 25p upload fee for these tests. They will also provide the customer with an additional twenty BVD Tissue Sample Tags (TST) packages, which includes the tags, lab testing and upload fee to the BVDFree database. For more information contact The Allflex UK Group Ltd on 0845 600 90 70 or