BVDFree Status

When will my herd be recognised as BVDFree?

Once registered with BVDFree England, herd status will be assigned after two years of testing under the scheme.

If testing individual animals for virus, these results will be uploaded and then visible and searchable on the database straight away.

BVD accredited under a CHeCS Scheme?

The BVDFree England Scheme is a one-stop platform to demonstrate your CHeCS BVD accreditation.

Registration onto the BVDFree scheme is separate to membership with cattle health schemes, therefore you should sign up individually.

Join the BVDFree Scheme


CHeCS BVD accreditation is recognised by BVDFree as the highest herd status available, indicating that potential customers can buy with a higher level of confidence.

CHeCS BVD accredited – free will be the only herd status recognised by BVDFree England until 1 July, 2017.