BVDFree - Designated Laboratories

BVDFree has designated the following laboratories to test samples taken as part of the BVDFree England Scheme. If you wish to have the results of testing for BVD virus (or antibodies) transferred to the BVDFree database for use in the programme, then it is essential that you the select a laboratory from this table that is designated to perform the appropriate test on your chosen sample type(s) and include a signed instruction to transfer test results to the BVDFree database.

Below is a list of the diagnostic laboratories currently designated by BVDFree England to provide testing in support of the national BVD elimination programme, the tests and sample types to which this designation refers and the accreditation status of these tests.

ISO 17025 is an internationally recognised standard for accreditation for tests provided by laboratories, that includes assessment of the quality, administrative and technical systems in operation and provides reassurance to clients of the accuracy of the results generated.


INAB / UKAS accredited to ISO 17025
Not Offered
Ear notch
Milk - individual
Milk - bulk tank


No biological test is 100% accurate. If an inaccurate result is suspected, the animal should be isolated and re-tested.

All designated laboratories are independently accredited for BVD testing and the test methods used (ELISA or RT-PCR) will, in the great majority of cases, accurately detect the presence or absence of virus in tissue and blood samples when submitted and tested correctly. However, results relate only to the sample as received by the laboratory and, whilst laboratories warrant that their tests will meet their applicable declared specifications, the laboratories make no other warranty, expressed or implied and accept no responsibility or liability in respect of false results which are within the limits of the declared specifications of the tests offered. No representation or warranty is given by BVDFree, BVDFree England the BVDFree Implementation Group or any member, employee or other person connected with any of the foregoing bodies as to the accuracy of any BVD test methods or test results. Neither BVDFree, BVDFree England the BVDFree Implementation Group nor any member, employee or other person connected with any of the foregoing bodies shall have any liability or responsibility in respect of any laboratory or the accuracy of any test methods, test results or reports produced by any laboratory.

While every reasonable effort has made to ensure the accuracy of this information at the time of publishing, no representation or guarantee is given, whether by BVDFree, its employees, subcontractors, agents, distributors or any other person, that the contents are comprehensive, up to date, or free from error or omissions. BVDFree is not responsible for the content of external sites.

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